Wednesday, September 12, 2007


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I don't really consider myself a wine snob, but I can act pretty snobbish when I have to share. The other night after "driving the bikes" Manuella invited herself over for some wine. Since she is going to look after Sienna and Schatzi while we are in Rome next week, I had to be nice and agree to"her" invitation.

John bought me an antique riddler's rack for our anniversary this year. A riddler's rack is used to rotate bottles of champagne to get the sediment to fall into the neck in order to remove it.

I use it for storing wine. It has been a struggle to keep it looking well stocked. Most of the time it just stands as an empty reminder that it is time to buy more wine or to signal I have a serious problem.

Part of this problem is that I have a hard time saying no Manuella. I enjoy our time together, but when you refuse her, it's as if her whole world comes crushing down.

John says I should store my empty bottles in the rack. I think that's just plain crazy.


Anonymous said...

Left over wine? what's that? haa
Lurking Lisa

Anonymous said...

Leftover wine??? No such thing! It turns to vinegar if you leave some in the bottle. Whole bottle or none, that's what we always say.

I am with John, fill those other holes on the wine riddler with your empty bottles.