Monday, September 10, 2007


Today's painting




I didn't get to finish the stems as much as I wanted because of 2 interruptions.

First, Aisha appears at my studio window with a bunch of flowers from her garden. I was wearing all black the other day when I had lunch with Katherine. Apparently she thought someone had died and I had been to a funeral.

With my broken German I assured her that all was okay and nobody had died. American women wear black because it makes them appear thinner.

I have to laugh every time I glance at the lovely vase of funeral flowers on my dining room table.

Second, is that Manuela, my other neighbor, has a new bike. We usually walk our dogs together, but now she has the crazy notion that it is better to take them with our bikes. In her broken English she calls it, "driving the bikes". This is definitely a workout! Though going up hill is a cinch with them on the leash. I can say this isn't the safest way to exercise your dogs, but it does wear them out.

She insisted we drive the bikes before I was truly finished with this painting-so I will touch it up tomorrow.


88heather said...

ahhh.. you've been on a roll with painting lately.. I should try a simple just fruit.. or just veggies still life.. I'm about to set up a new still.. but I have a cold now.. and have ZERO energy.. yuck!

the tomatoes in this look great.. and I love how you painted the background..

Anonymous said...

thanks for putting the size of the painting...was that for my benefit- the tomatoes are gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

the tomatoes look good enough to eat! Good job. Loved the story of the cows coming home! Lurking Lisa