Tuesday, September 4, 2007


We want to move to Poland!
We arrived in Boleslawiec mid afternoon on Friday, just as our friends Naomi and Brain were checking in. What a complete surprise! As it turned out, John and Brian were talking at work and found out we were both going to Poland and Prague. They decided to keep it a secret from the wives to surprise us.
We stayed in an 18Th century converted barn which offered a taste of rural Poland. Barnyard animals excluded except for the roosters.
I can say that I would move to Poland for the beer alone, but the fact the 4 of us ate dinner totaling 25 dollars (after the conversion) had me sold. You could eat out every single night and never grow tired of the food. You'd be big as a house,but insulated during the hard winters.
We spent the next morning shopping for pottery. Boleslawiec has a history of pottery making since the 7Th century. The traditional pattern is shown in the photo above with many variations. I of course, like the more colorful pattens and choose a couple of serving pieces which are all completely different.
I am fully prepared for the large imaginary dinner parties that go on in my head and feel I can now set a table worthy for a page in Country Living magazine. Thank you Poland!

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88heather said...

ummm.. can I say "Jealous!!!".. OMG.. I can't go on the trip to Poland in October.. I'm beyond BUMMED!!!! grrr.. I'm going to find a way to get there.. I think I'm gonna have to bribe someone.. I have just the person in mind!! **evil planning*** hehehehe.. You know what they say.. where there's a will there's a way!! hehe